My World

Breaking Monopolies and the Vodindod

Eleventh Session

The party finds out that the airship was provided to them by Klauth, the red dragon. He took an interest in them after seeing their progress in ending the giant threat. They take the ship gladly, and point it towards Ironslag. They land and take the stairs down to the top level of the compound, where they take out the orcs and fire giant responsible for sorting out the iron from the impurities. The orcs attempt to surrender once their fire giant overseer was dead, but Ariyanna and Gal don’t want any loose ends so mercilessly execute them. They take a look out over the main area of the compound and see Duke Zalto and his hellhounds playing next to the Vodindod, which is in multiple pieces. Ariyanna and Gestas take the time to disable the cranes holding up some of the larger pieces. After that, the party heads downstairs into the living quarters. They peek into the dining hall to see a myriad of goblin slaves running around and causing chaos while trying to clean up the hall. Ourlan sets his goblin, Phoenitian, out offering the slaves payment if they ignore the party. The goblins accept food as payment and continue cleaning while the party loots the Duke’s chambers. They find the crystal in his room, among other treasures, and sneak out undetected. Zalto’s plans were relatively unharmed by the party’s intrusion; nothing a week of slave labor can’t fix.

As the party makes their escape, Gestas talks to the captain of the ship and tells him to set course for a faraway island. As they fly above the coast, the party sees a horde of zombielike humanoids standing by the shore, gazing in the direction they’re headed. Boats are headed the same way. The airship is faster, however, so they land on the island next to a giant tank of boiling green liquid. Gestas wastes no time and sprints towards it, dragging Ourlan with him. He forces some of the goo down Ourlan’s throat, but his divine health prevents him from being too affected. The mastermind behind the RDB infestation is a mind flayer who saw it as a great way to make an endless supply of juicy, delicious brains. The Kracken Society gave him the supply of “additive” and helped where they could to create the RDB monopoly. He stuns Ariyanna and Gal, grabs their random party member of the day (Oz), and tells Gestas to take out Ourlan. He attempts to eat Oz’s brain while Gestas burns every annoying spell he has at his disposal, but Ourlan gets the better of him and stumbles out of the darkness to destroy the mindflayer. Gestas goes unconscious but the abyssal that was drowning out his (and Ourlan’s) thoughts fades to nothingness.



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