My World


Fifth Session

The party decides to investigate the crashing noise and finds that two hill giants, named Lob and Hob, have crushed part of the southeastern wall and have taken it over. They scale the wall and take out Lob, while Gal plays a comedic tune to control Hob. Once Hob sees that Lob has died and is being hurt, he throws down his club and begins wailing pathetically. The battle-frenzied party doesn’t care at all and mercilessly removes his head. They return to the town center to see Captain Strog taking credit for saving the town; he is about to put eight captive goblins to death. Ourlan talks to the educated goblin and Ariyanna chooses a goblin at random. Ourlan manages to intimidate his goblin into explaining the situation: Guh, the hill giant leader, lives in Grud Haug and called for this attack. Ariyanna’s goblin confirms the story. When asked where Grud Haug is, both point in opposite directions.

The party is offered several quests. They decide to set out with Narth’s caravan first, with their two goblins in tow. Along the way they are attacked by bandits who mistake the caravan for Honningbrew Meadery’s, which is their target. The bandit leader Thomas was being blackmailed into delaying the caravans for RDP&D, Inc. They find a letter confirming this which is signed by a RDP&D, Inc representative named Clint. They capture the leader and turn him in to the jailer in Bargewright Inn. The other half of the party delivers Narth’s saddles; their attempt to extort more money from the recipient is declined. Since the sun is setting, they decide to stay at the White Hart Inn. Gestas orders some Real Dope Whiskey and the bartender recognizes his thieves cant. After a small bribe the bartender agrees to set up a meeting between Gestas and Clint in three days’ time. The party notices three human hunters sitting at a table; they don’t want company but the party gives it to them anyway. The hunters eventually agree to allow the party to help them hunt hill giants starting at 9:00 AM the next morning. However they leave at dawn. The party tracks them and finds that the eldest, R, was killed after killing a hill giant. The middle, M, has a puncture wound on his right shoulder. They claim they were ambushed by two more giants, but Ariyanna doesn’t see any evidence that would suggest another attack. They go back to town for the night; the two brothers are gone again the next morning. When they track them again, the party finds the two brothers fighting to the death over a bridge. M is momentarily distracted by Ourlan and Gungi’s shouts which allows Y to deliver the killing blow. The remaining brother throws down his weapon and allows himself to be captured. The party realizes that this was all a dangerous game to decide who gets their late father’s inheritance. After securing Y as his prisoner, the party argues on what to do with him. Do they kill him and leave? Do they try to impersonate him to secure the inheritance? Do they turn him in?



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