My World

Sidequest Extraordinaire

Sixth Session

The party decides to abandon the noble; they tie him up with a knot that can be loosened with a few hours’ work. They head back to Bargewright Inn, with their consciences clear. Gestas meets with Clint, a bubbly gnome with a hulking orc bodyguard. Clint tells the party that he doesn’t know who the leadership is, he just takes commands and gets rich. He sells Gestas 10 barrels of Honningkeugels, the newest line of RDB drinks (which is just Honningbrew with an addictive additive).

In the morning, they head out towards Amphail. They meet with Arleosa, Miros’ old friend from their circus days. They chat for awhile and eventually she gives the party a ring and a clockwork dog. The ring, when used, summons a ghost of another performer who points them towards some magic items in an abandoned tower. After that, they meet with Beldora’s friend Thwip who is also a Harper. He gives the party a drink that teleports them to the Harper stronghold, Moongleam tower in Everlund. They gain access to the teleportation circles that Harpers use to quickly travel the continent.

Since the party was teleported up to Everlund anyway, they decided to visit House Zymorven to look into Naxene’s lead for a giantslaying greataxe. Lord Everlund is a friendly old fellow; stout for his age but obviously won’t be doing much more adventuring. He’d love to give the axe to the party, but unfortunately his son stole it when he ran off with a woman who belongs to the Yartar thieves guild, the Hand of Yartar. The party heads down to Yartar and meets with a tavern owner who’s boarding up. He was put out of business by RDB. The local inn now serves exclusively RDB products. Eventually the party meets with the Hand of Yartar and is told that Everlund was incarcerated for murdering someone, and the hated captain of the guard now possesses the axe. The party sets up an ambush and ends the encounter before it’s started with a well placed fireball. Gungi claims the axe.



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