My World

Statham Takes Grudd Haug

Seventh Session

The party receives a Statham upgrade for the night: At any time they may perform a Statham-esque action, drink a Statham juice (an airplane bottle of Smirnoff with a Statham label. Thanks, Booka), and get advantage on that roll. If it comes with a badass line, the roll also gets a +5.

The party makes a quick trip to Waterdeep, where they meet with the butler of House Thann and retrieve Zi Lang’s inheritance. It is a jewelry box with two rings inside; a ring of protection and a ring of free action. With these in (on) hand, they head towards Grudd Haug to deal with the hill giant leader. Along the way they find the tower that Keltar pointed them towards; it’s inhabited by a female hill giant named Moog. Moog is miserable because Chief Guh stole her husband Hurk. She agrees to accompany the party to Grudd Haug, to win him back. The party finds a bow+1 and a set of adamantine armor that Ketlar hid here.

They wait until nightfall to make their approach on the fortress. Gal stealthily approaches the blacksmith’s outpost, then flags Ariyanna over. Both of them take out the blacksmith. The party then climbs up the dam to take out the watchtower guards. Ourlan almost slips, but does a Statham backflip to keep his footing. Booka climbs up the ladder to the guard post, whistles to attract one of the guards, and Statham kills him by wrapping him in rope then throwing him off the edge. Ourlan is right behind him and attacks thrice, barely taking out the last guard before he rings the alarm. Gal approaches and cuts down the gong so it can’t be used anymore.

Gal and Booka climb back down the ladder and head towards the side door of the fort. Gal thunderwaves, killing most of the goblins inside immediately and creating a huge ruckus. Meanwhile, Ariyanna shoots an arrow with rope attached to it above a window, which the rest of the party uses to zipline into the kitchen. The sound aggros the entire main room, in which Chief Guh resides. The party scrapes out a victory against several hill giant husbands, goblins, ogres, and Guh herself.



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