My World

The Defense of Goldenfields

Fourth Session

The party leaves Kristoph behind and goes to meet Lifferlas, an ancient awakened tree. Li Zhang, the Asian massage parlor/military expert leads the way. When they arrive, children are climbing on Lifferlas’ branches and he is telling them about the three ancient dragons of the North:

• Klauth, a red male that meddles in smallfolks’ affairs, found in Klauthen Vale
• Gnawbone, a green female who chews on corpses like some dwarves chew on their pipe stems, spends her time scrying the world with her crystal balls, found in Kryptgarden Forest
• Imiryth, a blue female who uses her cunning and her gargoyle army to grow her power, found in the Anourach Desert

He also explains that the dragons and giants are ancient enemies; this goes back to the time of the kingdom of Ostoria, the giant kingdom of old. It fell after a great war, during which the three dragons he mentioned were still whelps and he was a mere sapling. He explains the Ordning; the caste system that giants fall into. Since they’re fighting smallfolk and each other, he thinks it might either be a civil war or they’ve formed a loose coalition to fight some perceived threat. For some reason Hekaton, the Storm King (ruler of the storm giants and thus all giants), is no longer keeping them in line. He suggests finding a friendly giant who might be able to tell them more about what’s going on.

The players go to church, meet the abbot and two black bears that beg incessantly, then mull over their new information in the tavern. They go to bed and are awoken several hours later by a loud scream. Goldenfields is under attack by goblins and bugbears. They defeat one band of raiders, then head towards the orchards which are ablaze. The second gang falls before them as well, even though they are bombarded by goblins that are being launched from somewhere. As the first rays of sunlight crest the horizon, the party hears a huge crunch coming from the center of town, as if a building just fell….



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