My World

The Grand Dame and the Vodindod

Ninth Session

The party heads to Yartar to try to dig up clues on the Blue Rabbit’s whereabouts. They enter a tavern (conveniently owned by RDB) and bump into Felgalos, who tells them he’ll trade a meeting with Harshnag for some help taking out the Zhentarim. A group of them is plotting to take over the Grand Dame, a gambling barge that sails out of Yartar. The operation is by Captain Drylund. The party dresses up as wealthy nobles and boards the ship; their weapons are brought on by a few peasants that were cooking for the night. The party starts off eating, drinking, and gambling. Gal bets every cent he has left after losing 500g, and ends up winning the jackpot. Everyone else does so so, winning a small sum of gold – the notable exception being Gungi who lost over 500. Felgalos also scores big, and uses the proceeds to buy everyone a round. He buys himself a coconutty fruity drink, which he’s allergic to. He rushes off to the side of the barge to throw up, and assumes his dragon form. The Zhentarim on board recognize him immediately and go to attack him. While he’s being sick, the party defends him (stealing some of their gold back along the way). As repayment, Felgalos flies off to find Harshnag.

The next day, the party meets with him outside of town. He’s a huge frost giant, with a greataxe named after Gurt and a missing eye. He stands 19’ tall. He tells the party that the giants are especially chaotic now that Hekaton is missing; the only thing he can think of to do is to visit the Eye of the Allfather in the frozen north. The party heads that way. After hiking up the mountains for three days, they come across an enslaved tribe of goblins, that are digging up a piece of the Vodindod, which is an ancient colossus that could destroy all of the smallfolk races. The fire giants are searching for all of the fragments of the Vodindod in order for their chieftain to reconstruct it and appease Annam by making the world giant again. The party puts a stop to the enslavement though, and steals the fire giants’ Rod of the Vodindod after killing them. They move forward, with the entrance to the Eye of the Allfather in sight on the next crest.



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