My World

Underneath Grudd Haug

Eighth Session

The roof of Grudd Haug is now on fire, thanks to Gal’s fireballs. After claiming all the loot they could grab, the group runs outside the rightmost door to fight off ten Iceshield orcs which guard the livestock. A boulder near the entrance that the giants used as a door was levitated by Gal and shoulder-checked by Gungi, which caused it to roll down the path and kill several of the orcs. The rest were either picked off by Ariyanna or kicked off the ledge by Ourlan.

The three entered the cave system through both doorways, soon after Gal wandered off. Ourlan discovered the sleeping quarters of two hill giants; Gungi and Ariyanna walked into the pigpen. They decided to take out the sleeping giants first. After dispatching them, the group goes back to the pigpen where they notice two things: two hungry boars locked up in cages, and an Ettin named Oinker-Boinker who selected a pig for slaughter. He (and the seven bugbears that assist him with the pigs) take up arms when they notice the group; Oinker-Boinker wields a giant cleaver in addition to his greatclub. Ariyanna shoots the cages open and the boars start searching for any pig entrails they can find. Gungi gets covered head to toe in it, so he has to wash off in the stream. Ourlan climbs up on the giant table to fight Oinker-Boinker. Oinker-Boinker goes in for a killing blow, but his greatclub slips out of his hands and crashes into one of his minions. To replace his greatclub, he jumps off the table and rips of one of the legs. This causes Ourlan to slip and slide down the table but he lands gracefully. The party manages to take everyone out, either by killing them directly or by covering them in entrails and letting the boars do the dirty work.

They continue deeper into the cave system and find the jailer, Slub (a hill giant) asleep in his chamber. His pet Otylugh notices the party, however, and begs for food (entrails) or else he’ll attack. The party feeds him some, but doesn’t realize that it has a varied diet and also wants some fresh pig. They opt to just kill it instead. The party manages to defeat Slub and his pet, but not before it grabs Ourlan with its tentacles and slams him into the ground.

After grabbing the remaining treasure, the party leaves a crumbling Grudd Haug behind.



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