My World

Sidequest Extraordinaire
Sixth Session

The party decides to abandon the noble; they tie him up with a knot that can be loosened with a few hours’ work. They head back to Bargewright Inn, with their consciences clear. Gestas meets with Clint, a bubbly gnome with a hulking orc bodyguard. Clint tells the party that he doesn’t know who the leadership is, he just takes commands and gets rich. He sells Gestas 10 barrels of Honningkeugels, the newest line of RDB drinks (which is just Honningbrew with an addictive additive).

In the morning, they head out towards Amphail. They meet with Arleosa, Miros’ old friend from their circus days. They chat for awhile and eventually she gives the party a ring and a clockwork dog. The ring, when used, summons a ghost of another performer who points them towards some magic items in an abandoned tower. After that, they meet with Beldora’s friend Thwip who is also a Harper. He gives the party a drink that teleports them to the Harper stronghold, Moongleam tower in Everlund. They gain access to the teleportation circles that Harpers use to quickly travel the continent.

Since the party was teleported up to Everlund anyway, they decided to visit House Zymorven to look into Naxene’s lead for a giantslaying greataxe. Lord Everlund is a friendly old fellow; stout for his age but obviously won’t be doing much more adventuring. He’d love to give the axe to the party, but unfortunately his son stole it when he ran off with a woman who belongs to the Yartar thieves guild, the Hand of Yartar. The party heads down to Yartar and meets with a tavern owner who’s boarding up. He was put out of business by RDB. The local inn now serves exclusively RDB products. Eventually the party meets with the Hand of Yartar and is told that Everlund was incarcerated for murdering someone, and the hated captain of the guard now possesses the axe. The party sets up an ambush and ends the encounter before it’s started with a well placed fireball. Gungi claims the axe.

Fifth Session

The party decides to investigate the crashing noise and finds that two hill giants, named Lob and Hob, have crushed part of the southeastern wall and have taken it over. They scale the wall and take out Lob, while Gal plays a comedic tune to control Hob. Once Hob sees that Lob has died and is being hurt, he throws down his club and begins wailing pathetically. The battle-frenzied party doesn’t care at all and mercilessly removes his head. They return to the town center to see Captain Strog taking credit for saving the town; he is about to put eight captive goblins to death. Ourlan talks to the educated goblin and Ariyanna chooses a goblin at random. Ourlan manages to intimidate his goblin into explaining the situation: Guh, the hill giant leader, lives in Grud Haug and called for this attack. Ariyanna’s goblin confirms the story. When asked where Grud Haug is, both point in opposite directions.

The party is offered several quests. They decide to set out with Narth’s caravan first, with their two goblins in tow. Along the way they are attacked by bandits who mistake the caravan for Honningbrew Meadery’s, which is their target. The bandit leader Thomas was being blackmailed into delaying the caravans for RDP&D, Inc. They find a letter confirming this which is signed by a RDP&D, Inc representative named Clint. They capture the leader and turn him in to the jailer in Bargewright Inn. The other half of the party delivers Narth’s saddles; their attempt to extort more money from the recipient is declined. Since the sun is setting, they decide to stay at the White Hart Inn. Gestas orders some Real Dope Whiskey and the bartender recognizes his thieves cant. After a small bribe the bartender agrees to set up a meeting between Gestas and Clint in three days’ time. The party notices three human hunters sitting at a table; they don’t want company but the party gives it to them anyway. The hunters eventually agree to allow the party to help them hunt hill giants starting at 9:00 AM the next morning. However they leave at dawn. The party tracks them and finds that the eldest, R, was killed after killing a hill giant. The middle, M, has a puncture wound on his right shoulder. They claim they were ambushed by two more giants, but Ariyanna doesn’t see any evidence that would suggest another attack. They go back to town for the night; the two brothers are gone again the next morning. When they track them again, the party finds the two brothers fighting to the death over a bridge. M is momentarily distracted by Ourlan and Gungi’s shouts which allows Y to deliver the killing blow. The remaining brother throws down his weapon and allows himself to be captured. The party realizes that this was all a dangerous game to decide who gets their late father’s inheritance. After securing Y as his prisoner, the party argues on what to do with him. Do they kill him and leave? Do they try to impersonate him to secure the inheritance? Do they turn him in?

The Defense of Goldenfields
Fourth Session

The party leaves Kristoph behind and goes to meet Lifferlas, an ancient awakened tree. Li Zhang, the Asian massage parlor/military expert leads the way. When they arrive, children are climbing on Lifferlas’ branches and he is telling them about the three ancient dragons of the North:

• Klauth, a red male that meddles in smallfolks’ affairs, found in Klauthen Vale
• Gnawbone, a green female who chews on corpses like some dwarves chew on their pipe stems, spends her time scrying the world with her crystal balls, found in Kryptgarden Forest
• Imiryth, a blue female who uses her cunning and her gargoyle army to grow her power, found in the Anourach Desert

He also explains that the dragons and giants are ancient enemies; this goes back to the time of the kingdom of Ostoria, the giant kingdom of old. It fell after a great war, during which the three dragons he mentioned were still whelps and he was a mere sapling. He explains the Ordning; the caste system that giants fall into. Since they’re fighting smallfolk and each other, he thinks it might either be a civil war or they’ve formed a loose coalition to fight some perceived threat. For some reason Hekaton, the Storm King (ruler of the storm giants and thus all giants), is no longer keeping them in line. He suggests finding a friendly giant who might be able to tell them more about what’s going on.

The players go to church, meet the abbot and two black bears that beg incessantly, then mull over their new information in the tavern. They go to bed and are awoken several hours later by a loud scream. Goldenfields is under attack by goblins and bugbears. They defeat one band of raiders, then head towards the orchards which are ablaze. The second gang falls before them as well, even though they are bombarded by goblins that are being launched from somewhere. As the first rays of sunlight crest the horizon, the party hears a huge crunch coming from the center of town, as if a building just fell….

Christmas Special

The party meets with several new adventurers. Additionally, they meet a stout, friendly man in a red velvet leisure suit named Kristoph that tells the group his three grandchildren have gone missing. He provides the group a batch of sugarplum cookies in exchange for their help in tracking down the children. While investigating, the players find a strange black bag in one of the bedrooms that, when peered into, sucks the player into it and lets them out in a dungeon. They eventually find the children locked away being guarded by some abominable snowmen. Two children were guilty but the third was framed; his name was George A. Lemmings, and Krampus thought he was responsible for writing GAL Rocks on everything. The group defeats several puzzles and monsters before finally reaching Krampus. When presented with logic stating that there must be bad to go along with the good and there must be someone to punish bad children so they grow up to be well balanced adults, the party agrees to let Krampus live. They exchange the innocent boy for Gal so he can repent. Kristoph gifts each player a magic item as repayment.

Saviors of Nightstone; On To Goldenfields
Third Session

The party returns to explore deeper into the dripping caves. They find a funnel-like area with 10’ ledges. Gungi and Gal sneak down on one of the ledges and are signaled by the captured townsfolk to be quiet. They attempt to climb up to the ledge where the villagers are being held, but Gal stepped on Gungi’s beard which put Gungi into a rage. This triggered an explosion of bats from the inside of the cave, which brought visibility down to 5’. Gal took care of it with an appropriately placed Thunderwave. After a bit of convincing, Morak (the dwarven owner of the Nightstone Inn) agreed to lead the villagers out of the cave to safety. Once they were returned to town, the party entered the cave for a third time to put an end to the goblin menace.

Before they could walk in to face the goblin leader blindly, they were signaled to wait by a goblin named Snigbat. In exchange for killing the leader, Boss Hark, Snigbat will tell his new underlings to let them leave in peace (and he hinted at treasure). Ariyanna, the only party member that can speak goblin, devised a plan with Snigbat to make Hark’s bodyguards run away (he told them that the prisoners had escaped and they need to go track them down). The party takes down Hark and his seven giant rat pets, steal his treasure, and go back to town. There, Morak and the rest of the villagers thank them again for saving them and give them the remainder of the bottle of Real Dope Whiskey that he had hidden behind the bar. When the party tells him they’re on their way to Goldenfields to talk with Lifferlas, he asks that they also tell Miros Xelbrin about the fate of his parents (who were crushed in the giant attack).

The party makes the three day venture out to Goldenfields with only one interruption – Felgalos comes to them and asks if they want to have a bit of fun. They do, so they climb on his back and crush a Zhentarim caravan (and found some Pixie Dust in the cabin). Felgalos takes them the rest of the way to Goldenfields. They enter the town after being frisked by the guards, and sell all of their loot. They meet with several key people of the town, including Miros, Naxene, Oren, Narth, Xi, and Beldora. They find out that hill giants attacked about a month ago, and the captain of the guard was responsible for preventing new attacks. As of today, however, he hasn’t really done much. Ourlan had a drinking contest with him at the Real Dope Brewery in the north side of town, which he won. The party is left with a few hours before sundown to complete any other errands they’d like to take care of.

Saving Nightstone from Goblins and Snakes
Second Session

The party enters the keep and is greeted by two guards, Gungi and Booka Dooging Jr, who try to prevent their entry. Once the situation is explained and the guards realize the party means no harm, they bring the group inside the great hall to discuss news and have some food. The party recounts their story about coming into Nightstone to find it pummeled by boulders and sacked by goblins. The guards tell the party that cloud giants flew above the town, threw down boulders to scare off the townsfolk, then stole the Nightstone and flew away. They also mentioned that the goblins came in and started looting since there weren’t enough guards to push them back, so that’s why the remaining guards retreated to the keep. Finally, they reveal that Lady Nandar was killed in the storm giant attack and the other four guards are keeping vigil. Gestas and Gal both make moves to relieve the late Lady of her material possessions, but the guards stop Gestas. Gal uses his smooth talking to convince the guards that there’s an amulet that can track the Nightstone in her chest, and uses that lie to steal basically everything she had. This includes her giant gold ring set with tourmalines that has been passed down through her maternal lines for over four hundred years.

The two friendly guards ask the party for help rescuing the townsfolk from the caves up north. They set out immediately, Gal’s pocket’s jingling, and walk straight up to the front entrance of the cave. It’s pitch black inside, and they can hear a low pitched humming accompanied by incessant dripping. Ariyanna shoots a fire arrow into the cave, which reveals a vast chamber with a stalagmite cage in the center of it. The humming stops, and an ogre named Nob attacks (he was taking a mudbath, and was the cause of the hum). His wive, Lob, hears the commotion and comes out of her cage/bedroom. Nob is struck by a laughing fit, which only makes Lob angrier, and she uses a goblin to beat him. Once these two are vanquished, the party explores further and pokes a small black pudding. They barely manage to defeat it, then decide to take a short rest before proceeding.

Arrival in Nightstone
First Session

The players meet on the road to Nightstone, all having come this way for different reasons.

  • Ariana, a human ranger, is studying giants after meeting Queen Neri and her daughter Serissa in her childhood.
  • Gal Youngin, a human bard, hears that Lady Nandar is throwing a ball and wants to win his spot on the musician’s list. On his way to Nightstone he meets Arvieturace, a white dragon with a corpse on her back. The corpse seems to still have a glint in it’s eye.
  • Gestas, formerly known as the Blue Rabbit, is a tiefling rogue who would like to relieve Lady Nandar of her jewelry and sell it to provide for the less fortunate. The Rabbit-ship is passed down from generation to generation; the armband is what gives this age-old legend his powers.
  • Ourlan is a human paladin that is assigned the task of saving Nightstone from attack, a mission given to him by the Harpers. This is his first mission since his hand was turned to stone by Imirith, an ancient blue dragon who can shapeshift into a storm giant.

The players come across a human woman with a broken arm, who’s holding off four goblins with a shattered piece of wood. After saving her, they find that she’s a Zhentarim operative. While they don’t trust her the party does allow her to come along. Nightstone comes into view and is completely abandoned, save for whoever is ringing the church bell incessantly. The town appears to have been pummeled with boulders. The players investigate and see several dozen footprints heading north, and smaller prints heading south into the town. They spend the remainder of the day clearing out goblins and two worgs that have taken over the city, then take a rest in the inn. Around that time they notice that the Zhentarim woman has slipped away. They decide to head for the keep anyway. Gestas manages to jump across the gap in the bridge caused by a huge boulder and tosses back a rope for the rest of the party.


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