My World

The Storm King's Court
Thirteenth Session

The party uses their completed teleporter to travel to the storm king’s court in the Maelstrom. They enter a room in the lower level, and hear music coming from above. They investigate to see the two elder royal sisters, Mirran and Nym, playing the crab organ and singing for a group of guests – emissaries from each of the other giant races. Upon noticing the party, the sisters halt the music and refuse to talk to them. They have the party escorted to a holding room while they “wait for their sister to finish her business”. A few hours later, Mirran frees the party and leads them back to the court, where the emissaries are waiting to ambush the “assassins”. Mirran and Nym safely exit to the throne room and leave the emissaries to do the dirty work. Unfortunately for them the party ends that threat and kicks the throne room’s door down.

They talk directly with Serissa, telling her many things: they know her father is alive, they spoke with the oracle, and her sisters were trying to manipulate her. Serissa believes the party since they’ve talked to the oracle, and puts the sisters under house arrest. They also oust Serissa’s imposter advisor, Imyrith. Serissa shows them the only clue she has of her father’s whereabouts – a small wooden coin with a golden goose on it. The party instantly recognizes it from the gambling ship they were on a few months earlier and rush back to it. They meet Lord Drylund, the owner of the ship, and interrogate him using zone of truth. From there they learn that he’s a Kraken Society operative, that he aided in the capture of King Hekaton, and that he knows the storm king is imprisoned in an untraceable ship in the Trackless Sea. That’s all he’s able to say, before he’s psychically murdered by Slarkrethel, the ancient kraken. The party takes the airship to find King Hekaton, and finally spots a squid-shaped ship in the distance….

Storming Svardborg
Twelfth Session

The party scours the northern sea, searching for the hollow iceberg fortress of the frost giants. Along the way, Gungi goes birding. He throws out a line and catches a fish that was in a pelican’s mouth, which lures the pelican up to the airship. He joins Boris in the hold. Eventually the party finds Svardborg and lands next to a temple dedicated to Thrym, the frost giant god. A huge ice statue in his image speaks to the party, telling them the following:

• Harshnag lives, but his presence and status is unknown.
• Serissa, King Hekaton’s youngest daughter and heir, is struggling to maintain her throne. Her elder sisters, Mirran and Nym, attempt to undermine her at every turn.
• Mirran and Nym are working with Imiryth, who is disguised as a storm giant.

Thrym urges the party to find the last crystal they need to power the transporter and get to Serissa as soon as they can, before the eyes fade back to cold ice. The party investigates the rest of the temple, and finds two frost giants keeping watch over a white dragon. After dispatching them, they make a deal with the dragon: she will help them out and not eat them if they rescue her eggs and boyfriend. She also tells the party that Yarl Storvald is out whaling and will be returning before too long.

Next the party heads clockwise around the iceberg, walking past a giant outhouse. Gal seizes the opportunity to dimension door the contents of said outhouse above Booka’s head. The party attempts to cross the giant chain protecting the harbor; Booka and Gungi fall into the water (which is a blessing for Booka). They head into the southernmost building and enter a large meeting hall. It’s deserted except for a horde of ice mephits that watch the party from the rafters. They destroy the whaling equipment and some of the longship oars before heading upstairs. The doors to both upstairs rooms are still moving, as if someone has just fled. They enter into the Yarl’s throne room and are attacked by two frost wolves, two frost giants, and a Zhentarim mage who hides behind the throne. Midway through the fight, a warhorn sounds; the Yarl has returned.

After killing the wolves and giants, the mage surrenders and tells the party that the yarl has someone they care about as a prisoner – Felgalos. He’s chained to the deck of the yarl’s longboat. The party quickly grabs the dragon eggs, loots the treasury and looks out the window to see that the white dragon has decimated the force that was digging out an entombed longboat. They also see twenty frost giants splitting up in various directions, including six (five guards and Storvald) heading their way. They flag her over by waving the eggs in the window, and she carries them to the yarl’s boat. She takes care of the weapons on board while the party frees Felgalos. He gives them a lift to the airship and they make their escape while the frost giants pelt them with chunks of ice.

Breaking Monopolies and the Vodindod
Eleventh Session

The party finds out that the airship was provided to them by Klauth, the red dragon. He took an interest in them after seeing their progress in ending the giant threat. They take the ship gladly, and point it towards Ironslag. They land and take the stairs down to the top level of the compound, where they take out the orcs and fire giant responsible for sorting out the iron from the impurities. The orcs attempt to surrender once their fire giant overseer was dead, but Ariyanna and Gal don’t want any loose ends so mercilessly execute them. They take a look out over the main area of the compound and see Duke Zalto and his hellhounds playing next to the Vodindod, which is in multiple pieces. Ariyanna and Gestas take the time to disable the cranes holding up some of the larger pieces. After that, the party heads downstairs into the living quarters. They peek into the dining hall to see a myriad of goblin slaves running around and causing chaos while trying to clean up the hall. Ourlan sets his goblin, Phoenitian, out offering the slaves payment if they ignore the party. The goblins accept food as payment and continue cleaning while the party loots the Duke’s chambers. They find the crystal in his room, among other treasures, and sneak out undetected. Zalto’s plans were relatively unharmed by the party’s intrusion; nothing a week of slave labor can’t fix.

As the party makes their escape, Gestas talks to the captain of the ship and tells him to set course for a faraway island. As they fly above the coast, the party sees a horde of zombielike humanoids standing by the shore, gazing in the direction they’re headed. Boats are headed the same way. The airship is faster, however, so they land on the island next to a giant tank of boiling green liquid. Gestas wastes no time and sprints towards it, dragging Ourlan with him. He forces some of the goo down Ourlan’s throat, but his divine health prevents him from being too affected. The mastermind behind the RDB infestation is a mind flayer who saw it as a great way to make an endless supply of juicy, delicious brains. The Kracken Society gave him the supply of “additive” and helped where they could to create the RDB monopoly. He stuns Ariyanna and Gal, grabs their random party member of the day (Oz), and tells Gestas to take out Ourlan. He attempts to eat Oz’s brain while Gestas burns every annoying spell he has at his disposal, but Ourlan gets the better of him and stumbles out of the darkness to destroy the mindflayer. Gestas goes unconscious but the abyssal that was drowning out his (and Ourlan’s) thoughts fades to nothingness.

The Eye of the Allfather
Tenth Session

The party continues deeper into the mountains before the temple finally reveals itself – a giant domed entrance at the end of a (relatively) narrow causeway with sheer cliffs to either side. They enter the temple through a hallway lit with blue torches, and find a small tribe of orcs attempting to chip the ice off the door. They attack the party when confronted. After defeating all but one of them, the party asks what their goal was; he answers that they were attempting to save their leader who was trapped inside. Thanks to Gal’s fireball the door was very thawed. Gestas and Gungi tried shoulder-checking the door to no avail, so Harshnag opened it (it was a pull door).

They open the door to reveal a massive chamber, again lit with blue torchlight. In the center of the room is an 80’ statue of Annam, facing an archway with glowing mithral runes. Surrounding Annam are six 40’ statues of the lesser giant gods; one of each race. They each have an ornate weapon except for the frost giant statue, which is missing. The party asks Harshnag to touch one of the weapons to the corresponding rune on the archway. He grabs the fire giant’s longsword and touches it to the fire rune which causes a meteor storm to fire off in the room. After that, the party decides that they must find the frost giant axe and explore the southern room. It turns out to be a huge dining hall, which has a cookpit in the middle that is fueled by a natural gas leak. Harshnag finds the axe leaning on a table, but is confronted by a remorhaz. The party battles it, trying to cut it down while avoiding its radiant heat. Eventually it swallows Ourlan whole, which causes him to go unconscious. Gungi delivers the final blow while Booka cuts Ourlan out of the beast. Ariyanna revives him with some berries. The party eats a bit and rests while Gestas explores the northern rooms. The hallway is trapped with a giant boulder that rolls downhill, and is carried up by a statue. Offshoots from the hallway reveal several bedrooms, some of which have items. Gestas picks up a shard of the ise rune, a 1000g gemstone, and a rocking chair. He also discovers the orcish chieftain, who was crushed by the boulder.

After resting the party goes back to the main room and touches the axe to the ise rune. The portal starts thundering and shooting lightning, and opens to another room. The party finds inside another six giant statues surrounding a kong (king) rune inlaid in gold on the floor. They loot a cloud giant’s corpse, receiving a +2 breastplate for Booka and an opal of the ild rune. The oracle answers several questions for the party regarding where they should go and what they should do. He reveals that they must find three crystals to charge a teleporter, which will bring them to King Hekaton’s court. There, they should root out the evil within. The party already has one crystal from Grudd Haug, and decides to get the other two from the fire and frost giants.

With this newfound knowledge the party leaves the temple. When they do, they’re attacked by Imiryth. Harshnag grabs his axe and tackles the dragon, and tells the party to run. Imiryth uses her lightning breath on the entire party, which makes them more than happy to oblige. Harsnag cuts the arm off of Annam’s statue, which causes the temple to start crumbling. The party slips away, and look back as the temple collapses. At the very last second, Imiryth teleports out, leaving Harshnag to die. When the party reaches the causeway, they’re greeted by several humans wearing masks on an airship, who yell at them to climb aboard.

The Grand Dame and the Vodindod
Ninth Session

The party heads to Yartar to try to dig up clues on the Blue Rabbit’s whereabouts. They enter a tavern (conveniently owned by RDB) and bump into Felgalos, who tells them he’ll trade a meeting with Harshnag for some help taking out the Zhentarim. A group of them is plotting to take over the Grand Dame, a gambling barge that sails out of Yartar. The operation is by Captain Drylund. The party dresses up as wealthy nobles and boards the ship; their weapons are brought on by a few peasants that were cooking for the night. The party starts off eating, drinking, and gambling. Gal bets every cent he has left after losing 500g, and ends up winning the jackpot. Everyone else does so so, winning a small sum of gold – the notable exception being Gungi who lost over 500. Felgalos also scores big, and uses the proceeds to buy everyone a round. He buys himself a coconutty fruity drink, which he’s allergic to. He rushes off to the side of the barge to throw up, and assumes his dragon form. The Zhentarim on board recognize him immediately and go to attack him. While he’s being sick, the party defends him (stealing some of their gold back along the way). As repayment, Felgalos flies off to find Harshnag.

The next day, the party meets with him outside of town. He’s a huge frost giant, with a greataxe named after Gurt and a missing eye. He stands 19’ tall. He tells the party that the giants are especially chaotic now that Hekaton is missing; the only thing he can think of to do is to visit the Eye of the Allfather in the frozen north. The party heads that way. After hiking up the mountains for three days, they come across an enslaved tribe of goblins, that are digging up a piece of the Vodindod, which is an ancient colossus that could destroy all of the smallfolk races. The fire giants are searching for all of the fragments of the Vodindod in order for their chieftain to reconstruct it and appease Annam by making the world giant again. The party puts a stop to the enslavement though, and steals the fire giants’ Rod of the Vodindod after killing them. They move forward, with the entrance to the Eye of the Allfather in sight on the next crest.

Underneath Grudd Haug
Eighth Session

The roof of Grudd Haug is now on fire, thanks to Gal’s fireballs. After claiming all the loot they could grab, the group runs outside the rightmost door to fight off ten Iceshield orcs which guard the livestock. A boulder near the entrance that the giants used as a door was levitated by Gal and shoulder-checked by Gungi, which caused it to roll down the path and kill several of the orcs. The rest were either picked off by Ariyanna or kicked off the ledge by Ourlan.

The three entered the cave system through both doorways, soon after Gal wandered off. Ourlan discovered the sleeping quarters of two hill giants; Gungi and Ariyanna walked into the pigpen. They decided to take out the sleeping giants first. After dispatching them, the group goes back to the pigpen where they notice two things: two hungry boars locked up in cages, and an Ettin named Oinker-Boinker who selected a pig for slaughter. He (and the seven bugbears that assist him with the pigs) take up arms when they notice the group; Oinker-Boinker wields a giant cleaver in addition to his greatclub. Ariyanna shoots the cages open and the boars start searching for any pig entrails they can find. Gungi gets covered head to toe in it, so he has to wash off in the stream. Ourlan climbs up on the giant table to fight Oinker-Boinker. Oinker-Boinker goes in for a killing blow, but his greatclub slips out of his hands and crashes into one of his minions. To replace his greatclub, he jumps off the table and rips of one of the legs. This causes Ourlan to slip and slide down the table but he lands gracefully. The party manages to take everyone out, either by killing them directly or by covering them in entrails and letting the boars do the dirty work.

They continue deeper into the cave system and find the jailer, Slub (a hill giant) asleep in his chamber. His pet Otylugh notices the party, however, and begs for food (entrails) or else he’ll attack. The party feeds him some, but doesn’t realize that it has a varied diet and also wants some fresh pig. They opt to just kill it instead. The party manages to defeat Slub and his pet, but not before it grabs Ourlan with its tentacles and slams him into the ground.

After grabbing the remaining treasure, the party leaves a crumbling Grudd Haug behind.

Statham Takes Grudd Haug
Seventh Session

The party receives a Statham upgrade for the night: At any time they may perform a Statham-esque action, drink a Statham juice (an airplane bottle of Smirnoff with a Statham label. Thanks, Booka), and get advantage on that roll. If it comes with a badass line, the roll also gets a +5.

The party makes a quick trip to Waterdeep, where they meet with the butler of House Thann and retrieve Zi Lang’s inheritance. It is a jewelry box with two rings inside; a ring of protection and a ring of free action. With these in (on) hand, they head towards Grudd Haug to deal with the hill giant leader. Along the way they find the tower that Keltar pointed them towards; it’s inhabited by a female hill giant named Moog. Moog is miserable because Chief Guh stole her husband Hurk. She agrees to accompany the party to Grudd Haug, to win him back. The party finds a bow+1 and a set of adamantine armor that Ketlar hid here.

They wait until nightfall to make their approach on the fortress. Gal stealthily approaches the blacksmith’s outpost, then flags Ariyanna over. Both of them take out the blacksmith. The party then climbs up the dam to take out the watchtower guards. Ourlan almost slips, but does a Statham backflip to keep his footing. Booka climbs up the ladder to the guard post, whistles to attract one of the guards, and Statham kills him by wrapping him in rope then throwing him off the edge. Ourlan is right behind him and attacks thrice, barely taking out the last guard before he rings the alarm. Gal approaches and cuts down the gong so it can’t be used anymore.

Gal and Booka climb back down the ladder and head towards the side door of the fort. Gal thunderwaves, killing most of the goblins inside immediately and creating a huge ruckus. Meanwhile, Ariyanna shoots an arrow with rope attached to it above a window, which the rest of the party uses to zipline into the kitchen. The sound aggros the entire main room, in which Chief Guh resides. The party scrapes out a victory against several hill giant husbands, goblins, ogres, and Guh herself.

Sidequest Extraordinaire
Sixth Session

The party decides to abandon the noble; they tie him up with a knot that can be loosened with a few hours’ work. They head back to Bargewright Inn, with their consciences clear. Gestas meets with Clint, a bubbly gnome with a hulking orc bodyguard. Clint tells the party that he doesn’t know who the leadership is, he just takes commands and gets rich. He sells Gestas 10 barrels of Honningkeugels, the newest line of RDB drinks (which is just Honningbrew with an addictive additive).

In the morning, they head out towards Amphail. They meet with Arleosa, Miros’ old friend from their circus days. They chat for awhile and eventually she gives the party a ring and a clockwork dog. The ring, when used, summons a ghost of another performer who points them towards some magic items in an abandoned tower. After that, they meet with Beldora’s friend Thwip who is also a Harper. He gives the party a drink that teleports them to the Harper stronghold, Moongleam tower in Everlund. They gain access to the teleportation circles that Harpers use to quickly travel the continent.

Since the party was teleported up to Everlund anyway, they decided to visit House Zymorven to look into Naxene’s lead for a giantslaying greataxe. Lord Everlund is a friendly old fellow; stout for his age but obviously won’t be doing much more adventuring. He’d love to give the axe to the party, but unfortunately his son stole it when he ran off with a woman who belongs to the Yartar thieves guild, the Hand of Yartar. The party heads down to Yartar and meets with a tavern owner who’s boarding up. He was put out of business by RDB. The local inn now serves exclusively RDB products. Eventually the party meets with the Hand of Yartar and is told that Everlund was incarcerated for murdering someone, and the hated captain of the guard now possesses the axe. The party sets up an ambush and ends the encounter before it’s started with a well placed fireball. Gungi claims the axe.

Fifth Session

The party decides to investigate the crashing noise and finds that two hill giants, named Lob and Hob, have crushed part of the southeastern wall and have taken it over. They scale the wall and take out Lob, while Gal plays a comedic tune to control Hob. Once Hob sees that Lob has died and is being hurt, he throws down his club and begins wailing pathetically. The battle-frenzied party doesn’t care at all and mercilessly removes his head. They return to the town center to see Captain Strog taking credit for saving the town; he is about to put eight captive goblins to death. Ourlan talks to the educated goblin and Ariyanna chooses a goblin at random. Ourlan manages to intimidate his goblin into explaining the situation: Guh, the hill giant leader, lives in Grud Haug and called for this attack. Ariyanna’s goblin confirms the story. When asked where Grud Haug is, both point in opposite directions.

The party is offered several quests. They decide to set out with Narth’s caravan first, with their two goblins in tow. Along the way they are attacked by bandits who mistake the caravan for Honningbrew Meadery’s, which is their target. The bandit leader Thomas was being blackmailed into delaying the caravans for RDP&D, Inc. They find a letter confirming this which is signed by a RDP&D, Inc representative named Clint. They capture the leader and turn him in to the jailer in Bargewright Inn. The other half of the party delivers Narth’s saddles; their attempt to extort more money from the recipient is declined. Since the sun is setting, they decide to stay at the White Hart Inn. Gestas orders some Real Dope Whiskey and the bartender recognizes his thieves cant. After a small bribe the bartender agrees to set up a meeting between Gestas and Clint in three days’ time. The party notices three human hunters sitting at a table; they don’t want company but the party gives it to them anyway. The hunters eventually agree to allow the party to help them hunt hill giants starting at 9:00 AM the next morning. However they leave at dawn. The party tracks them and finds that the eldest, R, was killed after killing a hill giant. The middle, M, has a puncture wound on his right shoulder. They claim they were ambushed by two more giants, but Ariyanna doesn’t see any evidence that would suggest another attack. They go back to town for the night; the two brothers are gone again the next morning. When they track them again, the party finds the two brothers fighting to the death over a bridge. M is momentarily distracted by Ourlan and Gungi’s shouts which allows Y to deliver the killing blow. The remaining brother throws down his weapon and allows himself to be captured. The party realizes that this was all a dangerous game to decide who gets their late father’s inheritance. After securing Y as his prisoner, the party argues on what to do with him. Do they kill him and leave? Do they try to impersonate him to secure the inheritance? Do they turn him in?

The Defense of Goldenfields
Fourth Session

The party leaves Kristoph behind and goes to meet Lifferlas, an ancient awakened tree. Li Zhang, the Asian massage parlor/military expert leads the way. When they arrive, children are climbing on Lifferlas’ branches and he is telling them about the three ancient dragons of the North:

• Klauth, a red male that meddles in smallfolks’ affairs, found in Klauthen Vale
• Gnawbone, a green female who chews on corpses like some dwarves chew on their pipe stems, spends her time scrying the world with her crystal balls, found in Kryptgarden Forest
• Imiryth, a blue female who uses her cunning and her gargoyle army to grow her power, found in the Anourach Desert

He also explains that the dragons and giants are ancient enemies; this goes back to the time of the kingdom of Ostoria, the giant kingdom of old. It fell after a great war, during which the three dragons he mentioned were still whelps and he was a mere sapling. He explains the Ordning; the caste system that giants fall into. Since they’re fighting smallfolk and each other, he thinks it might either be a civil war or they’ve formed a loose coalition to fight some perceived threat. For some reason Hekaton, the Storm King (ruler of the storm giants and thus all giants), is no longer keeping them in line. He suggests finding a friendly giant who might be able to tell them more about what’s going on.

The players go to church, meet the abbot and two black bears that beg incessantly, then mull over their new information in the tavern. They go to bed and are awoken several hours later by a loud scream. Goldenfields is under attack by goblins and bugbears. They defeat one band of raiders, then head towards the orchards which are ablaze. The second gang falls before them as well, even though they are bombarded by goblins that are being launched from somewhere. As the first rays of sunlight crest the horizon, the party hears a huge crunch coming from the center of town, as if a building just fell….


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