My World

Saving Nightstone from Goblins and Snakes

Second Session

The party enters the keep and is greeted by two guards, Gungi and Booka Dooging Jr, who try to prevent their entry. Once the situation is explained and the guards realize the party means no harm, they bring the group inside the great hall to discuss news and have some food. The party recounts their story about coming into Nightstone to find it pummeled by boulders and sacked by goblins. The guards tell the party that cloud giants flew above the town, threw down boulders to scare off the townsfolk, then stole the Nightstone and flew away. They also mentioned that the goblins came in and started looting since there weren’t enough guards to push them back, so that’s why the remaining guards retreated to the keep. Finally, they reveal that Lady Nandar was killed in the storm giant attack and the other four guards are keeping vigil. Gestas and Gal both make moves to relieve the late Lady of her material possessions, but the guards stop Gestas. Gal uses his smooth talking to convince the guards that there’s an amulet that can track the Nightstone in her chest, and uses that lie to steal basically everything she had. This includes her giant gold ring set with tourmalines that has been passed down through her maternal lines for over four hundred years.

The two friendly guards ask the party for help rescuing the townsfolk from the caves up north. They set out immediately, Gal’s pocket’s jingling, and walk straight up to the front entrance of the cave. It’s pitch black inside, and they can hear a low pitched humming accompanied by incessant dripping. Ariyanna shoots a fire arrow into the cave, which reveals a vast chamber with a stalagmite cage in the center of it. The humming stops, and an ogre named Nob attacks (he was taking a mudbath, and was the cause of the hum). His wive, Lob, hears the commotion and comes out of her cage/bedroom. Nob is struck by a laughing fit, which only makes Lob angrier, and she uses a goblin to beat him. Once these two are vanquished, the party explores further and pokes a small black pudding. They barely manage to defeat it, then decide to take a short rest before proceeding.



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