My World

Saviors of Nightstone; On To Goldenfields

Third Session

The party returns to explore deeper into the dripping caves. They find a funnel-like area with 10’ ledges. Gungi and Gal sneak down on one of the ledges and are signaled by the captured townsfolk to be quiet. They attempt to climb up to the ledge where the villagers are being held, but Gal stepped on Gungi’s beard which put Gungi into a rage. This triggered an explosion of bats from the inside of the cave, which brought visibility down to 5’. Gal took care of it with an appropriately placed Thunderwave. After a bit of convincing, Morak (the dwarven owner of the Nightstone Inn) agreed to lead the villagers out of the cave to safety. Once they were returned to town, the party entered the cave for a third time to put an end to the goblin menace.

Before they could walk in to face the goblin leader blindly, they were signaled to wait by a goblin named Snigbat. In exchange for killing the leader, Boss Hark, Snigbat will tell his new underlings to let them leave in peace (and he hinted at treasure). Ariyanna, the only party member that can speak goblin, devised a plan with Snigbat to make Hark’s bodyguards run away (he told them that the prisoners had escaped and they need to go track them down). The party takes down Hark and his seven giant rat pets, steal his treasure, and go back to town. There, Morak and the rest of the villagers thank them again for saving them and give them the remainder of the bottle of Real Dope Whiskey that he had hidden behind the bar. When the party tells him they’re on their way to Goldenfields to talk with Lifferlas, he asks that they also tell Miros Xelbrin about the fate of his parents (who were crushed in the giant attack).

The party makes the three day venture out to Goldenfields with only one interruption – Felgalos comes to them and asks if they want to have a bit of fun. They do, so they climb on his back and crush a Zhentarim caravan (and found some Pixie Dust in the cabin). Felgalos takes them the rest of the way to Goldenfields. They enter the town after being frisked by the guards, and sell all of their loot. They meet with several key people of the town, including Miros, Naxene, Oren, Narth, Xi, and Beldora. They find out that hill giants attacked about a month ago, and the captain of the guard was responsible for preventing new attacks. As of today, however, he hasn’t really done much. Ourlan had a drinking contest with him at the Real Dope Brewery in the north side of town, which he won. The party is left with a few hours before sundown to complete any other errands they’d like to take care of.



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