My World

The Storm King's Court

Thirteenth Session

The party uses their completed teleporter to travel to the storm king’s court in the Maelstrom. They enter a room in the lower level, and hear music coming from above. They investigate to see the two elder royal sisters, Mirran and Nym, playing the crab organ and singing for a group of guests – emissaries from each of the other giant races. Upon noticing the party, the sisters halt the music and refuse to talk to them. They have the party escorted to a holding room while they “wait for their sister to finish her business”. A few hours later, Mirran frees the party and leads them back to the court, where the emissaries are waiting to ambush the “assassins”. Mirran and Nym safely exit to the throne room and leave the emissaries to do the dirty work. Unfortunately for them the party ends that threat and kicks the throne room’s door down.

They talk directly with Serissa, telling her many things: they know her father is alive, they spoke with the oracle, and her sisters were trying to manipulate her. Serissa believes the party since they’ve talked to the oracle, and puts the sisters under house arrest. They also oust Serissa’s imposter advisor, Imyrith. Serissa shows them the only clue she has of her father’s whereabouts – a small wooden coin with a golden goose on it. The party instantly recognizes it from the gambling ship they were on a few months earlier and rush back to it. They meet Lord Drylund, the owner of the ship, and interrogate him using zone of truth. From there they learn that he’s a Kraken Society operative, that he aided in the capture of King Hekaton, and that he knows the storm king is imprisoned in an untraceable ship in the Trackless Sea. That’s all he’s able to say, before he’s psychically murdered by Slarkrethel, the ancient kraken. The party takes the airship to find King Hekaton, and finally spots a squid-shaped ship in the distance….



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