My World

Storming Svardborg

Twelfth Session

The party scours the northern sea, searching for the hollow iceberg fortress of the frost giants. Along the way, Gungi goes birding. He throws out a line and catches a fish that was in a pelican’s mouth, which lures the pelican up to the airship. He joins Boris in the hold. Eventually the party finds Svardborg and lands next to a temple dedicated to Thrym, the frost giant god. A huge ice statue in his image speaks to the party, telling them the following:

• Harshnag lives, but his presence and status is unknown.
• Serissa, King Hekaton’s youngest daughter and heir, is struggling to maintain her throne. Her elder sisters, Mirran and Nym, attempt to undermine her at every turn.
• Mirran and Nym are working with Imiryth, who is disguised as a storm giant.

Thrym urges the party to find the last crystal they need to power the transporter and get to Serissa as soon as they can, before the eyes fade back to cold ice. The party investigates the rest of the temple, and finds two frost giants keeping watch over a white dragon. After dispatching them, they make a deal with the dragon: she will help them out and not eat them if they rescue her eggs and boyfriend. She also tells the party that Yarl Storvald is out whaling and will be returning before too long.

Next the party heads clockwise around the iceberg, walking past a giant outhouse. Gal seizes the opportunity to dimension door the contents of said outhouse above Booka’s head. The party attempts to cross the giant chain protecting the harbor; Booka and Gungi fall into the water (which is a blessing for Booka). They head into the southernmost building and enter a large meeting hall. It’s deserted except for a horde of ice mephits that watch the party from the rafters. They destroy the whaling equipment and some of the longship oars before heading upstairs. The doors to both upstairs rooms are still moving, as if someone has just fled. They enter into the Yarl’s throne room and are attacked by two frost wolves, two frost giants, and a Zhentarim mage who hides behind the throne. Midway through the fight, a warhorn sounds; the Yarl has returned.

After killing the wolves and giants, the mage surrenders and tells the party that the yarl has someone they care about as a prisoner – Felgalos. He’s chained to the deck of the yarl’s longboat. The party quickly grabs the dragon eggs, loots the treasury and looks out the window to see that the white dragon has decimated the force that was digging out an entombed longboat. They also see twenty frost giants splitting up in various directions, including six (five guards and Storvald) heading their way. They flag her over by waving the eggs in the window, and she carries them to the yarl’s boat. She takes care of the weapons on board while the party frees Felgalos. He gives them a lift to the airship and they make their escape while the frost giants pelt them with chunks of ice.



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