My World

The Eye of the Allfather

Tenth Session

The party continues deeper into the mountains before the temple finally reveals itself – a giant domed entrance at the end of a (relatively) narrow causeway with sheer cliffs to either side. They enter the temple through a hallway lit with blue torches, and find a small tribe of orcs attempting to chip the ice off the door. They attack the party when confronted. After defeating all but one of them, the party asks what their goal was; he answers that they were attempting to save their leader who was trapped inside. Thanks to Gal’s fireball the door was very thawed. Gestas and Gungi tried shoulder-checking the door to no avail, so Harshnag opened it (it was a pull door).

They open the door to reveal a massive chamber, again lit with blue torchlight. In the center of the room is an 80’ statue of Annam, facing an archway with glowing mithral runes. Surrounding Annam are six 40’ statues of the lesser giant gods; one of each race. They each have an ornate weapon except for the frost giant statue, which is missing. The party asks Harshnag to touch one of the weapons to the corresponding rune on the archway. He grabs the fire giant’s longsword and touches it to the fire rune which causes a meteor storm to fire off in the room. After that, the party decides that they must find the frost giant axe and explore the southern room. It turns out to be a huge dining hall, which has a cookpit in the middle that is fueled by a natural gas leak. Harshnag finds the axe leaning on a table, but is confronted by a remorhaz. The party battles it, trying to cut it down while avoiding its radiant heat. Eventually it swallows Ourlan whole, which causes him to go unconscious. Gungi delivers the final blow while Booka cuts Ourlan out of the beast. Ariyanna revives him with some berries. The party eats a bit and rests while Gestas explores the northern rooms. The hallway is trapped with a giant boulder that rolls downhill, and is carried up by a statue. Offshoots from the hallway reveal several bedrooms, some of which have items. Gestas picks up a shard of the ise rune, a 1000g gemstone, and a rocking chair. He also discovers the orcish chieftain, who was crushed by the boulder.

After resting the party goes back to the main room and touches the axe to the ise rune. The portal starts thundering and shooting lightning, and opens to another room. The party finds inside another six giant statues surrounding a kong (king) rune inlaid in gold on the floor. They loot a cloud giant’s corpse, receiving a +2 breastplate for Booka and an opal of the ild rune. The oracle answers several questions for the party regarding where they should go and what they should do. He reveals that they must find three crystals to charge a teleporter, which will bring them to King Hekaton’s court. There, they should root out the evil within. The party already has one crystal from Grudd Haug, and decides to get the other two from the fire and frost giants.

With this newfound knowledge the party leaves the temple. When they do, they’re attacked by Imiryth. Harshnag grabs his axe and tackles the dragon, and tells the party to run. Imiryth uses her lightning breath on the entire party, which makes them more than happy to oblige. Harsnag cuts the arm off of Annam’s statue, which causes the temple to start crumbling. The party slips away, and look back as the temple collapses. At the very last second, Imiryth teleports out, leaving Harshnag to die. When the party reaches the causeway, they’re greeted by several humans wearing masks on an airship, who yell at them to climb aboard.



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