SKT Quest Log

Quest Log

Main Quests

  • Find King Hekaton – Lord Drylund tells you, under duress, that King Hekaton is aboard a ship called the Morkoth on the Trackless Sea.
  • Defeat Imyrith – The ancient blue dragon has crossed you and the storm giants multiple times. She lives in the Auroch desert in the north.

Side Quests

Completed Quests

  • Investigate Nightstone – You enter Nightstone to find that it’s been pummeled by boulders and goblins have sacked it.
  • Save the Townsfolk – The guards reveal that the townsfolk have been captured by goblins in the caves to the north and need help saving them.
  • Talk with Miros – Morak asked that you break the news of his parents’ death to Miros. He can be found in Goldenfields.
  • Find Old Man Kristof’s Missing Grandchildren – Three children went missing during the night.
  • Talk with Lifferlas – Felgalos would like you to speak with his old friend Lifferlas, who can be found in Goldenfields.
  • Defend Goldenfields – Goblins, bugbears, and hill giants are attacking Goldenfields and ransacking the granaries.
  • Deliverance – Narth received payment for some harnesses which he makes by the castellan of Noanar Hold. Due to the attacks he would like you to protect his caravan from attack and is willing to pay you for it.
  • The Bearded Lady – Miros asked that next time you’re around Amphail, you check in on his old friend Arleosa. They performed together several years ago in a travelling circus.
  • The Giantslayer – Naxene tells you of her former adventuring companion, Harthos Zymorven, who used a giantslaying greatsword. He now resides in his ancestral keep on Rauvin Road near Silvermoon. She believes he will part with it if you mention Naxene, your impact on tentowns, and your plans to stop the attacks.
  • The Harpers – Beldora finds it very strange that the hill giants made it this far without the Harpers notifying her. She would like you to explain to the leaders of the group the gravity of the situation. She provides you with a platinum badge and asks that you show it to Thwip Ironbottom in Amphail.
  • Investigate RDB&D, Inc. Part 1 – An innocuous letter found on a bandit implies that Real Dope Breweries and Distilleries Inc might be resorting to shady business practices to gain market share.
  • Investigate RDB&D, Inc. Part 2 – A barkeep in Yartar explains that he was put out of business by RDB&D. After trying to buy him out, they sabotaged his company.
  • Visit House Thann – Zi Liang gave you a black pearl pendant and told you to bring it to Cauldar, head butler of House Thann in exchange for a gift.
  • Old Tower – The ghost of Keltar pointed you towards an abandoned tower to the southwest of Grud Haug. He said he hid some treasure there that he never picked up before he died, and that it might prove useful to you.
  • Find Harshnag – Lifferlas only knows the background for what might be happening in the giant world. You’ll need to find a giant to get inside knowledge.
  • Investigate the Grand Dame – The Zhentarim are planning an attack on the gambling ship and Felgalos would like your help in disrupting it.
  • Journey to the Eye of the Allfather – Harshnag believes the answers you seek lie with the Oracle. The Oracle resides in the Eye of the Allfather, an ancient Giant temple in the frozen north.
  • Fire Giant Crystal – You must retrieve the power crystal from the fire giant lord.
  • Investigate RDB&D, Inc. Part 3 – Gestas gets increasingly bad tempered as he succumbs to his addiction. He starts hearing voices in his head calling him to a ship in Yartar.
  • Frost Giant Crystal – You must retrieve the power crystal from the frost giant lord.
  • Visit Hekaton’s Court – The oracle says that you must power the teleporter he gave you to travel to King Hekaton’s court and discover what happened.

SKT Quest Log

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