Trevor: 3 Gloves of Thievery (U), Alchemy Jug (U), Clockwork Dog (U), Winged Boots (U), Canaith Mandolin®, Censer of Controlling Air®, Sun Blade®, Cloak of Displacement®, Replier (L),

Kevin: 2 Cloak of protection (U), Javelin of Lightning (U), Eyes of the Eagle (U), Stone of Good Luck (U), Ring of Protection®, Horn of Valhalla®, Dwarven Thrower (VR), Giant Slayer’s Axe®, Deck of Many Things (L)

Andrea: 3 Bracers of Archery (U), Stone of Good Luck (U), Sending Stones (U), Bow+1 (U), Amulet of Health®, Tome of Understanding®, Ring of Lightning Resistance®, Oathbow (VR), Manual of Quickness of Action (VR)

Jeremy: 3 Adamantine Armor (U), Brooch of Shielding (U), Cap of Water Breathing (U), Circlet of Blasting (U), Arrow Catching Shield®, Boots of Speed®, Efreeti Chain (L), Hammer of Thunderbolts (L)

Tim: 3 Gloves of Thievery (U), Weapon of Warning (U), Mithral Armor (U), Sun Blade®, Cloak of Displacement®, Cloak of the Bat®, Ring of Free Action®, Luck Blade (L), Vorpal Sword (L)

Shane: 3 Sword+1 (U), Ring of Protection®, Breastplate +2


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